Music has the ability to reach beyond the walls of ethnicity, and in bringing a body of people together, regardless of their cultural differences. There's a generation rising up who long to be heard, and He is hearing this heart-cry, all over the earth!

It's a movement extending beyond the walls of music! It's about building authentic relationships while on this journey, tearing down the walls of division, racism and hate, choosing to bridge communities through the power of worship, instead!

One Jam Nation is on a mission to gather the body of Christ together to celebrate the Lord with "Joy And Music," on the airwaves and at concert events. We are coming together for ONE purpose, and one purpose, only! Will you join us?

Latest Updates

ONE JAM NATION  is becoming a platform where artists of all musical backgrounds, engineers, producers, media, as well as other networks and organizations, and of course the listeners, can come together, working together, to deliver a message of hope to the entire world!