OJNR Offers Listeners an Inspirational Talk-Radio Format Transmitting a Mixture of 
Christian Music, Christian Talk and Teaching, Music News and More

Who We Are

Why Us?

OJNR Offers Listeners an Inspirational Talk-Radio Format Transmitting a Mixture of Christian Music, Christian Talk and Teaching, Music News and More

ONE JAM NATION Radio or OJNR was birthed out of the personal desire of Christian author and radio producer Jennifer Alden to carry out the actions King David wrote of in Psalm 95:1. As the Scripture says, “O come, let us sing unto the LORD, let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation.” – It is a call to the body of Christ to come together as one and celebrate, sing and glorify the Lord with our worship.

For a time, OJNR existed as a weekly one-hour talk radio show on the local Tampa Bay station WTIS to promote and support upcoming events. “This show aims to unite the family of God for praise and worship, giving listeners an opportunity to become better acquainted with their favorite Christian artists, by bringing the who’s who of the Christian music industry onto the airwaves, as well as all of us who want to celebrate with joy and music,” Alden explains.

In early 2016, and after continued prayer, Jennifer received a vision from the Lord to expand the show into a 24/7 radio station, which launched as a stand-alone network in May of 2016.

Additionally, OJNR has partnered with many artists and ministries including Revival Music Company, Holt International, Message Ministries and Missions and the on-line review site Today’s Christian Entertainment, which has interviews from its popular series Kingdom Builder featured on Saturday afternoons. “Doing this show [OJNR] gives me the opportunity to truly get to know many of the artists we hear on the radio, and in many cases to meet them personally. Then I get to share their hearts with our listeners over the airwaves, and the rest of the world through live streaming,” continues Alden.

Start listening to OJNR now by visiting our ON AIR page or by downloading the free OJNR App from iTunes or on Google Play.

ONE JAM NATION is becoming a platform where artists of all musical backgrounds, engineers, producers, media, as well as other networks and organizations, and of course the listeners, can come together, working together, to deliver a message of hope to all the world! 

If you would like to contribute to the message and the vision, your gifts will help make that happen. 

Whether you decide to support our mission through a donation, a t-shirt or sponsorship, you can ensure that ONE JAM NATION Radio will continue to bring you more of today's Christian music, Christian talk and teaching, to glorify our One and only living God.

Let us all make a joyful noise!